Where will it end?

Published: Friday, 06 September 2019

ALL US boaters must agree that the distance between the two locks [Newlay and Kirkstall] was exaggerated by CaRT, writes Helen Cripps.

You only have to look at any a guide to count the mile markers, and there are only eight from lock to lock, that totals seven miles, so why does CaRT, and its 'followers' state 10? Can't they count?

So much exaggerated

But so much now is exaggerated, that started with that most ridiculous of figures of 460,000,000 visits a year to the waterways.  We cruise continuously and did the Birmingham & Fazeley over the Bank Holiday week-end and even in Birmingham itself the towpaths had few visitors and one day whilst moored by the lakes there were no more than a dozen.  And as many have stated, most of the whole length of the Shroppie is devoid of visitors.

And I have to agree with David Hymers about all those new blue notices, and its spend must be enormous, yet we never hear any figures about that do we?  I was told the whole change including the half sunken tyre and television advertising has cost us in the region of half a million, that I can well believe.

Promoting itself

So it is obvious, as others have stated, that CaRT is more interested in promoting itself rather than attending to the waterways infrastructure—as the many stoppage notices well prove.

I was one of the first writers on this site it is easy to see how the spending has altered over the years, with the waterways now sadly lacking, but where will it end?