Wait until it breaks works

Published: Friday, 06 September 2019

I DON'T think for a moment you will print this but at least I have got it off my chest, writes, Bill Walker.

You are unfair to Canal & River Trust about stoppages, for I can say personally that though I have come across these they have been done pretty quick, so don't cause all that much of a problem as I was stopped at a swing bridge and met another boater there who had reported it he told me the afternoon before and here they were putting it right and we got through that same day.

Working okay

Saying that Canal & River Trust waits until it breaks is working okay as you can see from the stoppage notices that things are repaired in one day, than cannot be bad and is much better than leaving it for the maintenance season for we all know it has not got the money to do everything on crumbling 200 years old canals.

I feel better for that.