Victor: Will it make a difference?

Published: Sunday, 19 May 2019

SO THE Canal & River Trust want to know your thoughts on its winter stoppages.

LeakingLLBoater Jim Cracken told us he made a few suggestions about leaking lock gates last year, but alas other than an acknowledgement, his suggestions were ignored with nothing being done.

He went to the trouble of sending the photographs of the gates, but tells us that they are still leaking and wasting water.

And would you believe—on the Leeds & Liverpool!

Here's one of Jim's photographs.

No Anderton Lift

Bad news for any of you boaters who fancy a winter trip on the Weaverno way José.

It is to be closed for six months from the 1st of October right through to the 9th April!

Mind you, a good excuse for those continuous moorers as they will be able to stay on the river all winter without having to move. But get down early, as the lift has a high failure rate, and could be closed before October...

War on pollution

So River Canal Rescue has taken up the cudgels against water pollution, that makes me wonder if this was brought about by its pushing for two bilge pumps and me stating that if boats had the 'Volvo' type stern gearthat does not leak—they would not be necessary.

My adding that the normal archaic screw down stuffing pump system results in most of the grease getting into the water, and of course so polluting.

I feel it is that that is a culprit, but alas, of all the things mentioned that was not.


I expect some of you will have read the latest outpourings from CaRT banging on how ones 'head and heart will be soothed by the tranquillity of the environment, and the profusion of flowers that blossom along these watery corridors'.

Going on to tell that the 'waterway and wellbeing charity the Canal & River Trust is encouraging people to come and relax amongst the blooming boats, hedgerows, and gardens'.

Alas, a recent report telling that 60% found the countryside 'boring' and that those who do venture forth prefer a 'sparkling stream' to a canal was not mentioned.

At least CaRT seemed to have dropped that absolutely ridiculous 450.000.000 visitors a year—or whatever it had reachedthat no one who has experiencd the canals could have possibly believed. 

Risking it

So our Jan has decided that we are going to have a couple of weeks cruising after all, notwithstanding the expected stoppages.

She has taken a contributor's advice who pointed out that the Shroppie, being well looked after by the Shropshire Union Canal Society and not subjected to the stoppages so plagued by the others, is the best bet.

But dear Janwe first have to get therethen get back... 

Victor Swift