No new marina yet for Stratford

Published: Thursday, 14 March 2019

THOUGH planning permission had been given for a new marina in Stratford in 2012 work has still not started.

There have been a few workers seen at the site of the marina off the Avon in Stratford, but no actual work has started, Roger Fox reports.

250 berths

The new marina was planned off Severn Meadows Road with Land & Water behind the project, but the site has lain dormant for the past seven years. Permission was for 250 berths on floating pontoons with  facilities including electricity and water supplies, toilets, showers, laundry room, coffee lounge and wifi, 

The reason for the people seen on the site recently was given by the company that they were nothing more than 'investigative'. The original opening date for the marina was given as being in 2017, but this has well passed, with nothing done.

If and when it is ever completed, as Roger mentions to us, it is hoped that the design will allow protection from the fast rising Avon.