Just one thing

Published: Friday, 22 February 2019

THERE is just one thing about your reader choosing the Avon and possibly the Severn to take her boating holiday—floods, advises John Pearce.

avon flood 07Though having said that they do not happen very often, the last big flood on the Avon being way back in 2007, but it was in July, when I understand the lady and her partner are taking to the Avon and possibly the Severn. (The Avon is the right-hand stretch of water shown in the photograph.)

Severely effected

Both rivers were severely affected and I know as living in Tewksbury at the time we were without power as it was reported were 70,000, and though water was in abundance, there was no drinking water.

Many boats were caught in the floods, with a great pile of GRP cruisers piled up outside the town, plus a couple of narrowboats, and even the town, that as boaters will know is well above the Severn, was flooded as can be seen in my attached photo.

tewkesbury floodsDefinitely the exception

But this was definitely the exception, as though there are the occasional rises in water levels, they soon drop, and there are plenty of places where there are safe moorings, and I say this from experience having cruised the river many times over the past decade.

I hope the pair have an enjoyable trip, but I'm sure they will as the Avon is a beautiful river and there is very easy access to the riverside towns with plenty of moorings.