Take to the Thames

Published: Friday, 15 February 2019

AS ONE who has been been caught out by stoppages I suggest to Paulene Brandon and her partner to take to the rivers, advises Helen Cripps.

I have mentioned my stoppages previously so will not bore you with all the details, enough to say many a cruise was ruined, so this year we are taking to the Thames, even though it will cost us extra, but it certainly does not suffer the stoppages as do the canals, especially through lack of water.

The Avon

The problem though can be its floods, but the summers are usually safe enough. The Avon too is a very pleasant river, and combined with the Severn could well do for a fortnight's cruise that the pair ask about. But again there is extra to pay to use the Avon, but well worth it.

If you so decide on the Thames don't include the Oxford Canal, for that, as others have stated in these pages, is most neglected and stoppages appear like clockwork!