Fairly safe from closure

Published: Sunday, 17 February 2019

THE fact that Anglo Welsh is another hire company that has moved onto the Llangollen should tell Paulene [Brandon] something about where is safe to cruise writes T. Lang.

As they join a host of other hire companies that are now resident on that canal it clearly shows they believe it is fairly safe from closure, which it is as it supplies water to the reservoir at Hurleston that in turn supplies drinking water to various towns.

Every effort to keep it open

 As the Llangollen is used by so many hire companies, every effort is made to keep it open. And even when the canal breached in 2006, unlike in the case of the Middlewich Arm breach that took 10 months to repair, the one on the Llangollen took just a couple of months, as pumps had to be installed to keep the water flowing into the reservoir, showing how important it is.

The canal though can obviously become very crowded, especially in holiday times and the fierce by-washes can catch newcomers out, but as Paulene and her partner have boated before, this could not be such a problem to them. And they could always try the Montgomery, but as ruled by the nature/environment people, be warned, it can be closed at a whim.