A vital service indeed

Published: Friday, 21 December 2018

THE Mercia Marina can now boast of over 20 fully trained first-aiders.

From performing potentially life-saving CPR to applying plasters and bandages, the volunteer first aiders at Mercia Marina offer a vital service.

MerciaFirstAidersReceived full training

More than 20 boaters have now signed up to become first aiders and have received full training alongside staff who work at the marina, in Willington.

Although the best advice is always to call 999 in an emergency, there is no shortage of incidents that are attended by first aiders.

Saved after falling in

It was last year that marina staff member Sarah Cunnington, who is also a first aider, received a bravery award from East Midlands Ambulance Service after she saved an unconscious 91 years old pensioner who had fallen into the water.

Not all incidents are as dramatic as this but the first aiders offer reassurance to some 260 residents, leisure boaters and the holidaymakers at 27 lodges in the marina.

Invested heavily

Tony Preston, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mercia Marina, explained:

“We have invested heavily in this, providing initial and refresher training to over 20 volunteers, it is the volunteers who invest their time and energy in providing this service. The volunteers seem inevitably to be called out in the dead of night! It is a huge commitment on their part which everyone values enormously.

“The emergency cards that we issue in our welcome information give valuable and clear instruction when calling emergency services and also carry the volunteer first aid phone number so that after calling 999 they can call whoever is on call for assistance. 

“We stress to all that it is always 999 first and then the first aid phone and that the service is provided on a volunteer basis so not a replacement for 999 and not guaranteed that someone will be available.