They ignore basic common sense

Published: Wednesday, 05 December 2018

THE two articles covering the subject of abuse towards anglers by canoeists is just adding to the issues being experienced by waterway users in general, write Kevin McNiff.

There has always been some degree of tolerance between boaters and anglers and, in truth, pockets of animosity particularly when there are miles of fishing competitions or inappropriate use of lock landings and signed mooring sites.

Ever increasing attitude of 'entitlement'

 Canoeists/Kayakers, call them what you will, are joining the cyclists who ignore basic common sense when interacting with other users. It’s the ever-increasing attitude of 'ENTITLEMENT' in today’s world.

Near Cropredy Marina the Banbury Canoe Club have their headquarters in the village. It’s not unusual to find a group tearing along the canal by the marina going hell-for-leather in some sort of speed related trial.

Still they forge on

Even worse, when an approaching group of rowers meets an oncoming narrowboat, the steerer can lose visual contact with the flailing oars but still they forge on. And rather than ask or wait for permission to safely overtake, some just plough on expecting a 17 tons obstruction to just vanish into thin air.

If society were to get a grip on people abiding by simple basic etiquette, it would be so much better for all. I used to play golf (badly) back in the day, but even this sport has had to succumb to the need for insurance cover due to the risks involved.

Everyone to have third patry indemnity

I’m sure the canoe club have some blanket cover but, like cyclists, the time has surely come for everyone taking part in sport or recreational pastimes to have basic third party indemnity such that when they are responsible for causing an accident, they are liable for it where it hurts—in their pockets.