Burnley leak to be plugged

Published: Monday, 26 November 2018

THE Leeds & Liverpool Canal was the worst hit by water shortages this year, but a major leak is to be fixed.

The leakages on the waterway contributed a great deal towards the stoppages caused by a shortage of water, but the leakage at Burnley that was responsible for a vast amount of water being lost is now being repaired, Alan Tilbury reveals.

Stop the leakage

Work has started that will entail a 150 yards length of lining to be installed, that we are told will cost £1.2million,  between Weavers Triangle and Finsley Gate Wharf, that should stop the leakage.

A dam has been placed at each end of the area to be lined, but prior to draining the waterway, last week hundreds of fish were removed and taken away, but will be reinstated once the work is completed.

Embankment stabilised

At the same time the work is being done the wash wall will be repaired and the embankment stabilised.

The work is not expected to be completed until the end of March.