New cash could save Scottish canals

Published: Monday, 26 November 2018

REGULAR readers will be aware of the problems of the Scottish Canals but an injection of cash could save them.

At present both the Forth & Clyde and Union Canal are plagued by problems, with two broken bridges having closed the Forth & Clyde Canal for many months, Alan Tilbury reports.

BonnybridgeHelp in sight

But help is in sight in the form of £5.35m from the Scottish Government for much needed maintenance to repair not only the broken bridges but to replace gates on the Caledonian Canal that are in a sorry state of repair.

The two closed bridges at Bonnybridge (pictured) and Twechar will benefit from the extra cash and see the Forth & Clyde Canal open again for boats.

Struggled with funds

A spokesman for Scottish Canals that runs the waterways told that it had 'struggled to meet the challenge of an antiquated Scotland-wide system with its existing funds'.

The extra cash will not only go towards the repairs but will be used for new much needed dredging equipment.