Confusion about London moorings

Published: Thursday, 18 October 2018

I MUST admit to some confusion about the proposed London moorings, writes Jenny MacGillivray.

On first reading I thought it was going to be increased visitor moorings, which are much needed in the capital.
Further reading revealed that the conditions were such as would make them unusable for the genuine visitor.

Used by liveaboards

Correspondence from other readers seems to imply that these moorings are already in existence and used by liveaboards.

My confusion, are we talking about visitor moorings or permanent residential moorings? If the latter I would think the conditions of use are quite reasonable, but having seen the type of boats that hop and swap from 14 days to 14 days  moorings, I suspect the cost of these would be out of the reach of many.

Genuine visitors

While I understand the need for permanent moorings in our capital, we also need more properly supervised short term moorings for genuine visitors, after all we do pay a licence to use all the waterway system.