The big secret

Published: Sunday, 10 June 2018

IT WAS a recently restored tug that caused the damage to the gates of Weston Marsh Lock on the Weaver, Kevin McNiff reveals.

With all the brick bats being hurled at CaRT and, in my opinion, very justified, you must feel for North Wales and Borders region in respect of the closure of the only access from the Trent & Mersey to the Shroppie via the Manchester Ship Canal. Coming along after the Middlewich hole and continuing problems at Marple, it must be a testing time for its engineers.

Danial AdamsonBoater damage

Oh yes, it is boater damage this time, and irrefutably so. The recently restored tug The Daniel Adamson, en route from Ellesmere Port to Acton Bridge on 2nd June, collided with the top lock gates causing the lock to be closed until further notice. At this time, no estimate is being given as to the extent of the damage or eventual cost of repair, but the fact that the 'Danny' was built as a powerful tug to tow lines of dumb barges may give a hint as to what may have occurred.

Strangely, local media have not covered the story, nor any passengers on board gone public through social media. The Danny’s web site has simply made alterations to cruises from Acton Bridge meant to go to Ellesmere Port so, can we assume that no significant damage was done to the tug?

Not so for businesses along the Weaver however if the closure of the lock goes on. It isn’t going to be an easy fix and comes a few years after extensive work in excess of £2m on the gates.

Lost revenue

While locked in the river Weaver, any events planned for Liverpool must be in doubt and the Russell Newbery Register’s annual Rally, this year at Ellesmere Port have a double whammy; its planned visit to the tug in Liverpool is off and so is the transit to the T&M via the Ship Canal and Anderton Lift. However, some are planning to travel to Salford Quays to join the Bridgewater at Pomona Lock in Manchester. Where there’s a will, they say!