Beware the January Joggers

Published: Monday, 08 January 2018

I MUST admit I have to agree with Victor Swift that the towpaths are deserted of visitors this time of year, but there are others, writes T. Lang.

I refer of course to the January Joggers, that are the only visitors frequenting the towpaths at this time of the year, as it is far too cold.

Now running its course

It is the same every year, just like fruit flies in summer, the short life of January Joggers is now running its course.

It is obviously all down to that much maligned New Year resolution, where overweight people make an effort to cut down on the pounds, easily recognised in rather tight colourful Lycra, (allowing of course for the weight loss} and smart phone strapped to their wrists.

Spread wide

Encouragement is needed and so individual JJ's are rare, preferring other like-minded souls as accompaniment, and there is the problem. The gang come puffing along the towpath spread wide, with little regard for any other solitary user, and last year I well remember contretemps as they came barging along by our moorings, expecting all and sundry to give way.

Luckily, the first week of their life style has passed and like their brethren fruit flies they are dropping—dare I say it?—like flies!  So come a couple more weeks at the most, all thankfully, will be gone, leaving our winter towpaths clear for their only users, the boater or dog walker. Until next year.