Another attack on wood burners

Published: Monday, 25 December 2017

ANOTHER attack on wood burning stoves in the capital is being launched in the form of a government investigation.

This will discover  whether the increasing popularity of wood-burning stoves and traditional open fires is damaging people's health, with Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, launching a consultation in the New Year which will examine pollutants caused by wet wood and smoky coal.

Boat emissions in the capital

It was in October that narrowboatworld published London Mayor wants powers to control boat emissions with Sadiq Khan, well known for his anti emissions policy casting his eye on boat emissions in the capital, not only on wood and coal burning stoves but their diesel engines too.

The findings of the consultation will be added to the Government's clean air strategy, which is being published in the Autumn.

Effect resident boaters

It is feared that if his department backs tighter restrictions on the burning of wood in the capital it will have an effect on the many resident boaters who rely on wood burners in their boats, with Sadiq Khan in favour of strict restrictions.

[Updates on Christmas Day? When I was a newspaper editor, it was always frantic towards the end of the month with one publication, that I never had Christmas Day 'off' in 25 years—so hard to get out of the habit!—Tom.]