Man falls in canal and dies after altercation

Published: Wednesday, 27 December 2017

A MAN involved in an altercation fell into the Staffs & Worcs Canal at Kidderminster, and drowned, with it understood, three youths running off.

kiderminster TescoThere was an altercation outside Tesco's by the side of the waterway between three youths and a 'elderly' man, with the man remonstrating with the youths for lifting a trolley over the automatic trolley stop outside the store and pushing it into the canal.

Heart had stopped

In the ensuing argument the man fell into the water and when eventually rescued it was reported his heart had stopped and though CPR had been carried out he was later pronounced dead.

It is not known if he drowned or the shock of the very cold water caused his death. There is to be an inquest.