Get your money back

Published: Thursday, 10 January 2013

Here's some more economics—if the poor marina owner can't make it pay then how about this course of action, suggests Martin Brooks.

Get rid of the boats, close off canal access, and pump it dry. That's saved 44 grand per annum for starters.

Pay handsomely

The muck-away industry will pay handsomely to tip topsoil and hardcore into a lovely great hole like that! There's an income for a couple of years, all you need is a bulldozer spread it around.

Once it's full, level it off and build on it!

That way the owner gets rich, the eyesore marina is gone, the housing shortage is relieved and building on green field sites is alleviated.


Also, regarding Mike Todd's complaint about Victor calling the IWA busybodies spies, snoopers and collaborators, sorry Mike but if it's got four legs and barks then it's a dog!