Enquiry into waterways partnerships

Published: Thursday, 10 January 2013

THERE is to be an enquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways into the work of Canal & River Trust waterways partnerships.

There are now no less than 13 partnerships of one form or another involved with the waterways, and the parliamentary group want to learn of their progress—or otherwise—and understand their future plans, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Want to learn

Under the joint chairmanships of two former waterways ministers, Sir Tony Baldry MP and Huw Irranca Davies MP, (pictured) they want to learn about raising public awareness and the work of volunteers of the waterways.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways will hold a series of sessions gathering evidence, that will conclude in a report together with its findings and recommendations for the government and other concerned  bodies.

Aims and progress

The terms of reference are to assess the progress of CaRT waterways partnerships in England, and to understand the aims and progress to date.

The enquiry will be starting later this month.  There will be three sessions that will be held on 29th January, 26th February and 19th, with CaRT director giving evidence.