Four out of 10 sunken boat claims rejected by insurers

Published: Saturday, 08 January 2022

RIVER Canal Rescue (RCR) is warning boat owners about the perils of buying third-party insurance on price alone after finding some insurers will not pay out if a boat sinks. (This is an update of the previous such published warning—Editor.)

From caravan to narrowboat

Published: Friday, 07 January 2022

THE very busy roads of today, notwithstanding the virus, has given Sheila and myself enough of caravanning, writes Tom Turner.

Not much left for repairs

Published: Thursday, 06 January 2022

I'M NOT in the least surprised to read of more winter stoppages being cancelled, writes James Henry.

The problem of the failed lock gate

Published: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

I WAS surprised to see the state of the rotten beam left by contractor when replacing a Sawley No 2 Lock gate, writes George Lee.

A new year and new winter stoppage works cancellations

Published: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

A NEW year and a new start for more winter works cancellations.

Electricity supply handed over

Published: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

Referring to the article concerning electricity supply sub contractors, Andrew Bailes adds:

Victor believes it the worst decision ever

Published: Monday, 03 January 2022

ANOTHER year gone and what is proved beyond any doubt is the worst decision ever by Canal & River Trust.

The incompetence

Published: Friday, 31 December 2021

THE incompetence of CaRT selecting contractors who are equally incompetent just goes to show how totally inept CaRT management really is, writes John Coxon.

Contractors strike again at Ripon

Published: Friday, 31 December 2021

THIS time we read it's the poor boaters at Ripon Marina that are stuck again, writes T. Lang.

£3,645.43 electricy bill for disconnected lowest setting 'fridge!

Published: Thursday, 30 December 2021

This is a seasonal tale of sub-contractor failure which I'd like to share with your readers in the small hope of shaming the trust into action, writes Andrew Bailes.