Abandoned boats for sale

Published: Wednesday, 30 March 2011

BRISTOL Docks is a favourite place for people to abandon their boats, so Bristol City Council is putting them up for sale.

Dozens have been left there in the floating harbour, taking up valuable mooring space, and the council wants them out of the way, so they will be sold at auction, Alan Tilbury tells us.


There are not only the usual sea-going craft, but narrowboats too that have been abandoned.

However, as can be expected the boats are all in poor condition, and are being moved from their moorings to the  Harbour Master's office in Baltic Wharf, to be sold.

36 boats

There are 36 boats that will be auctioned-off, from kayaks to sailing yachts, with the narrowboats value estimated at between £4,000 and £5,000 and the cabin cruisers value estimated at between £800 and £4,000.
Helen Hewitt, Spokeswoman for Bristol City Council, told that  the clearance would free up moorings for boat owners on a waiting list for a space in the docks, adding:

"It's a regular event where we clear the docks of abandoned boats or boats which have not had their mooring fees paid by their owners."


One yacht for sale is estimated at £4,500, that was taken off a boater who had misbehaved during the Harbour Festival by ramming other boats.

The auction is online  between the 4th and 8th April. For more information about the auction, which will be conducted by Bristol Commercial Valuers and Auctioneers, visit www.dnfa.com/bcva