All change—again

Published: Wednesday, 14 April 2010

THE waterways museums at Gloucester and Stoke Bruerne are being re-named, which is to 'emphasise and strengthen their links with their local environment'.

The museum at Gloucester will now be known as Gloucester Waterways Museum and at Stoke Bruerne the museum will revert to its original name, the Canal Museum.

The waterways museum at Ellesmere Port already had its name changed, so will remain as the National Waterways Museum and will be 'focal point for telling the national story of the inland waterways'. The photograph above shows the museum at Gloucester.  The one below at Stoke Bruerne.

Roger Hanbury, Chief Executive of The Waterways Trust  that is responsible for the operation of the three museums, explained:

"Over the past twelve months we have worked very closely with volunteers and a range of other partners at each museum site. Each museum is now operated as a partnership between museum staff and volunteers, and this has helped to bring about a new direction and focus for each location.

"The first step on this road is the change of name. As funding becomes available we will then start to re-focus the story and collection to celebrate the local heritage."