Yet another survey

Published: Thursday, 23 December 2021

SO WE have yet another survey from Canal & River Trust to add to the list, writes James Henry.

This time concerning London moorings, that possibly will be somewhat contentious, if the now regular arguments between over-stayers and those cruising are anything to go by.

So this time, unlike the SNAP survey of boaters' views, it is being run by the trust itself, as most likely it will not want a repeat of the results from that survey which was run by an independent company.

'Severely impacted'

Even in CaRT speak it had to state that the annual survey showed that satisfaction scores amongst boaters declined overall, with different responses from those living aboard, whose satisfaction improved on average, and leisure boaters, whose use was most severely impacted and where average scores fell.

'Severely impacted' indeed, no doubt with so many boaters affected by the ever rising number of stoppages causing their ruined holidays.