Pedestrians get priority

Published: Monday, 02 August 2021

New changes to the Highway Code will give pedestrians priority over cyclists and cars the transport secretary has announced.

With pedestrians heading the 'hierarchy of road users' even above cyclists, it is understood that as the rules state 'access' rather that a public right of way, the rules would apply to towpaths, as the public have access.

Protect pedestrians and cyclists

Though the main intention of the new rules is to protect both pedestrians and cyclists from vehicles, and so lessen the accident and death toll, pedestrians clearly have priority over cyclists.

The Department of Transport has a £338 million funding package to boost walking and cycling, and it is hoped the new rules will increase active walking and cycling during the pandemic.

As the public have 'access' to the towpaths it will be interesting to see how Canal & River Trust interpret the new rules and what measures are taken.

[Though cyclists are allowed to ride on bridleways under the Country Code 68 section 30 this right only extends to  bridleways not footpaths.]