Crossing Ribble on 33ft spring tide

Published: Friday, 25 September 2020

I WAS not at all surprised at your news of the grounding of yet another boat on the Ribble, writes Dru Richards.

Moored on the Rufford Branch I often take a run up to Tarleton Lock as there is a winding hole just before and a couple of times have followed boats going through to get to the Lancaster Canal, though I admit that I have no intention of trying it, as I have often seen the way the water rushes down the channel from Preston into the estuary after an high tide.

Massive 33ft tide running

The information from the RNLI that there was a massive 33ft spring tide running with a narrowboat being allowed out beggars belief. I have noticed volunteers at the lock and it leaves me to wonder if this was the work of such, either not having a clue of the danger or being persuaded by the boater.

It is by no means the first to by left stranded after being pushed down on to the sand banks in the estuary and won’t be the last if boats are to be allowed out with a high tide running.