Water levels up at Grand Union Summit

Published: Tuesday, 30 June 2020

AFTER all the rain, water levels are well up on the reservoirs supplying the canals, we learn.

The exception is Tringford, supplying the Grand Union which hasn't quite recovered from being lowered to enable maintenance work a few weeks ago, Our Man at the Summit writes.

HowardBike2Rubbish gone

Rubbish was a big problem after the warm spell, bins overflowing and discarded items everywhere.  However, I've just got back from a circuit and have to report 99% of the rubbish has gone.  Not only the bins emptied and overflow bags gone but a good attempt at a litter pick up of loose items. 

Plenty of BBQ patches burnt away in the grass on the embankments though!  And this bicycle which has been left chained up for perhaps a year caught my eye.

Tufted ducks

This year has been a very good breeding year for tufted ducks 14 in one family group on the canal by Marsworth Reservoir, smaller groups elsewhere.

There was a CaRT volunteer on duty today on the Marsworth Flight.  First I've seen for a long while.  Very blustery and no boat traffic so the poor fellow was without customers.