Lack of interest with boating activities

Published: Wednesday, 23 October 2019

I CONCUR whole heartedly with Jim Cracken’s comment regarding CaRT’s lack of real interest or concern with boating activities, writes Brian D Jarrett.

Particularly regarding safe navigation!  All around the system I can point out situations that inhibit safe navigation due mainly to the complete lack of suitable non-towpath vegetation management.

Obstructing safe passage

Blind approaches on bends.  Obscure bridge holes.  Inappropriate private moorings obstructing safe passage.

It is also obvious that the amount of ash saplings being allowed to mature along the Armco on towpaths will prove a major problem in years to come.

Don’t CaRT get it that this years falling leaves are the coming years dredging!  Surely it's cheaper to address the vegetation problem now thus reducing future dredging needs.