I really must complain

Published: Thursday, 05 September 2019

I HAVE just seen your write-up about the Asda Leeds & Liverpool Canal clean-up, writes James Henry.

But prior to this saw it as given by Canal & River Trust, with it stating that the clean up between Newlay Locks in Kirkstall down to Knostrop Lock in Leeds is 10 miles.


Your report claims it is seven miles, so I got out my Nicholson's, and counted the miles marking between the two locks, and guess what?  Exactly seven miles!

So is CaRT at its exaggeration once again or does it perhaps just not know? Reading about its peculiar stoppage notices it is hard to decide, perhaps a bit of both!

But wasn't at all surprised that the self acclaimed 'No 1' publication got it wrong, as it follows CaRT re-releases to the letter! As Victor would perhaps say—Daft sods!