Rochdale Canal problems

Published: Wednesday, 22 May 2019

THERE are a couple of problems at present on the Rochdale Canal.

Deepdale Swing Bridge (58A) failed on Monday with the bridge unable to lock in position, so was closed, but is being inspected, Keith Gudgin reports.

Wrong date

 Yesterday, Tuesday, 21st May, Canal & River Trust told that there was a stuctural failure on Scowcroft Lock (61) at Chadderton, but dated the stopppage 15th May—another 'Cartism'?

However, a problem with the offside gate hinge is preventing both gates from being fully operable, so can only use the bottom offside gate.

Two could still use the lock

The Trust adds that the broad lock is restricted due to this and can only be used by one narrowboat at a time. We fail to understand this as many on narrowboats only use one gate, even when in pairs, one boat moving over in the lock to allow the other access, saving opening both gates...


The problem with the gate at Scowcroft Lock has been fixed, with the waterway reopened.