Stoppage not listed

Published: Thursday, 16 May 2019

AT THE moment my partner and I are cruising the Leeds & Liverpool, hoping to do it all, writes Jimmy Pullen.

But we are taking it very slowly West to East in view of the closure at Burnley that is now continuing until the middle of next month, but as the opening has already been put back it is a good job we are live aboards and can take our time.

Not listed

My complaint however is that, though I make sure I receive the stoppage notices, we have been held up with a swing bridge failure that was not listed.

Luckily we were told about it by a boater who had turned back as he was in a hire boat and told us that it was not known how long the repair would take, so we stopped beforehand at a decent moorings and waited until a boat came through, which it did three days later, the steerer confirming that it had been repaired.

My question is has it got to the point that the swing bridges break down so often on the Leeds & Liverpool that CaRT cannot keep count?