Going electric?

Published: Wednesday, 15 May 2019

THIS climate change marlarky is being taken too far, with diesel powered boats soon to be banned from Amsterdam's waterways, writes, T. Lang.

It seems daft to me to be so concerned about a few boats when overhead there are planes giving out tons of pollution, that no one dares mention, as of course they are so used by politicians. I see a plane from England to America can give out five tons of the stuff.

Electric propulsion

But I digress. Is this to mean that CaRT, so concerned at impressing the government, will take the same line? And we will all have to have electric propulsion? Those in marinas will be okay, as most have power points already, but what about those out in the sticks online?

I can just see the queues at the power points along the canals, if such are actually constructed, it certainly will not be like stopping for five minutes to take on water.


But there is worse of course, as every single boat whether narrowboat diesel or cruiser petrol, will have to have a new expensive engine together with very expensive batteries to drive them.

So if you want to remain a boater it will be a complete replacement engine or a new boat. And I can't see your old diesel powered one being in much demand.