Needs more boats on the Wryley and Essington

Published: Monday, 13 May 2019

WHILST I sympathise with both Brian and David calling the Walsall and Wryley & Essington unnavigable and that they should be closed, it is not the way to go, writes Dave Carden.

That would cause a rapid degeneration of the canals. We need to encourage more people to boat up there, not put them off going. 

Report problems to CaRT

Report all problems to CaRT and follow up as I do until they do something about it.

I boat up there regularly and on my last trip in the autumn I took in the Thame Valley/Rushall/Walsall/Wryley & Essington without going down the weed hatch in three days.

In far better condition

I too have been boating many many years and these canals are in a far better condition than 20 years ago and, rubbish aside, deeper than some of the most popular routes.

What I do do however, is pass through all bridge holes in neutral and keep my revs to a minimum.

As for the pumps, the restrictions are now lifted with back-up pumps installed at Smethwick.

Supposed to have been sorted

This was supposed to have been sorted four years ago when I was informed by CaRT it was...

My take on it is that they sold the Chasewater reservoir to Staffs County Council so they are having an argument as to who should pay for the pump .

CaRT still has rights to the water but I was informed that is as long as the water does not go below 35% empty for the sailing club!

Paying the price

This is not the only reservoir they have sold—now they are paying the price as are we!

I have written to both CaRT and SCC reminding them that it was built by the BCN for this purpose.. I await answers.