Boats freed from Staffs & Worcs landslip

Published: Thursday, 14 March 2019

WITH work now underway to clear the landslip of the Staffs & Worcs Canal, space has been cleared to allow the trapped boats to pass.

This was possible with the workers being able to clear a small channel to allow the passage of the boats that had been held-up by the unexpected landslip, Keith Gudgin tells us.

WolverleyLandSlip400Provide advice

People from Worcester County Council attended the site with Canal & River Trust to provide advice whilst the material  was removed from the canal.

The joint observations confirmed that work could continue to cautiously remove material and so were able to create a small channel by late morning yesterday and supervise the passage of boats.

80 tonnes removed

An estimated total of 80 tonnes of material was removed from the canal, which given the nature of the work, was a good achievement.

Five boats had been moved past the slip, with two unoccupied boats awaiting passage with supervision when the owners are contacted.

Waterway remains closed

However, in view of the unknown stability of the slope following the operations, the trust remains concerned about the unsupported material at the top of the slope which includes the road itself, so the waterway will remain closed.

It is now left to Worcester County Council to investigate the reinstatement of the cutting and the support of the road, before the canal can be re-opened.