Gas hobs to be banned

Published: Monday, 25 February 2019

BOATERS' wood burning stoves were the target in London for producing the 'nasties', with a complete ban in the offing.

We all must know that diesel is another on the list, with the future seeing a complete ban on diesel for new cars, but now it is gas hobs that are to join the list, with all gas hobs to be banned in houses by 2025.

Future not too good

How this will affect boaters is of course not known, but the future doesn't look too bright if the government’s climate-change advisory body is anything to go by, as it wants all gas hobs and boilers banned in new homes, so that by 2025 the UK meets its legally binding environmental targets.

Of course these people want everything electric, which is a bit of a problem for boats. For as will have been noticed it is not only gas hobs, that are a fixture in nearly every boat, but gas boilers too, often installed in cruisers and some narrowboats too to produce hot water.

Not realising

These advisers keep coming up with these initiatives, possibly to justify their salaries and expenses, obviously not realising that most of the electric power in this county comes from either coal or gas! We all know about the wind and sun brigade, but when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine.....

Even Toyota, flogging its electric cars, has its complete factory near Derby powered by electricity from the coal fired power station at Radcliife, as cruising up the Trent & Mersey it is easy to see the power lines leaving the power station leading right into the factory...

What the future will bring for boaters if these bans finally affect boats is going to be a problem.