Where to cruise?

Published: Thursday, 14 February 2019

IT WAS seven years ago when we last hired a narrowboat and now have an opportunity to do so again, writes Paulene Brandon.

Circumstances have not allowed it over the past few years but my partner and I once again have the opportunity in July, but having kept up with things through your site we are somewhat worried about which canal/river would be the best to take our holiday.

Canal have deteriorated

The worry of course is that in the intervening years it seems the canals have deteriorated somewhat as they seem to be often closed and for long periods, making it a bit of a gamble where to go.

Our friends tell us of the 'wonderful' problem-free holiday they had on the French canals that do not seem to have the problems of ours, but we both prefer to stay in our own country, so would like to ask your readers what they would suggest as a 'safe' part to hire for two weeks.

Wrote to CaRT

I wrote to the organisers, Canal & River Trust asking the same, but received a most silly letter in return that made no attempt to answer the question, and in fact I had the distinct impression that how could I dare ask which canals would be safe to use.

Last time we chose the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and had a wonderful journey just taking our time enjoying the marvellous scenery over the Pennines and thought about taking one of the other Pennine canals, but read that they were closed in late July.

Well acquainted

I am asking your readers for suggestions as I realise you have many who are well acquainted with the present situation, and could suggest a canal/river were we could meander for a couple of weeks without the risk of any problems.