Avon—Grand Union link a possibility

Published: Tuesday, 12 February 2019

A PROPOSAL to extend the Avon to the Grand Union Canal at Warwick is now a possibility.

The Avon Navigation Trust proposal to link the Avon at Stratford with the Grand Union at Warwick to allow navigation between the two towns Stratford and Warwick is now a real possibility, reports Roger Fox.

Support of Stratford District Council

For many years there have been soundings on making the river navigable over the 12 miles and thus linking the Avon with the Grand Union, and now it has the support of Stratford District Council. 

It was back in the 1970's that a proposal was make to link the two towns by making the river navigable, and now the proposal is listed as a key infrastructure project for Stratford District Council, which makes it all the more likely to go ahead.


There is some opposition to the plan mainly that it will damage the wildlife, yet most of the proposed navigation is already in existence in the form of the Avon.