Not willing to risk more long stoppages

Published: Friday, 08 February 2019

LAST week-end I managed to reluctantly get a buyer for my narrowboat, selling it at a loss, writes Peter Frome.

Without any doubt I am not the only one on this part of the system, it being the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, and I am certain that your readers will be aware of the reason for the sale. The canal was kept closed for most of the boating season and in fact all of our boating season, and I am not willing to risk more long stoppages.

Close canals permanently

My partner and myself being employed by schools have to take our holidays when they are of course closed, and that was the time that the worthless Canal & River Trust decided to close the canal permanently until It had some water.

So joining the many others up here, not only on the Leeds & Liverpool but the Rochdale and Huddersfield canals too who suffered long closures, we decided not to risk it all happening again, decided to sell, with prices at rock bottom as people don't want to buy a narrowboat if there is every chance in future that there will be nowhere to use it, will they?

Badly leaking lock gates

But whatever you do, don't feel sorry for Canal & River Trust because there was little rain to fill its reservoirs, for as every boaters who uses the canals must know most of its water is wasted through badly leaking lock gates with the water then running away over weirs and such like. I have not been boating for years like many, but only for five years but have noticed the every increasing leakage, as walking is another pleasure, and we have walked most of the flights year upon year and are certainly not blind to the neglect that is causing the problem.

We have both enjoyed our boating up to last year and have met some very nice fellow boaters, but the long stoppages have proved too much for us and we are not prepared for another such season, for if there is little rain all will be closed again, nothing is so sure.

I'm afraid the much vaunted 'wellbeing' did not come our way, as undoubtedly it did not for many others up here.