Should make sensible comparison

Published: Thursday, 31 January 2019

I CAN see the point of the comparison of drownings in Amsterdam and Manchester.

But your correspondent did not make a real comparison, writes Helen Cripps.

Missed out

He missed out what to me is a salient point—that one quarter of the city of Amsterdam is water. How much of Manchester is water? A small fraction I should imagine.

Not only are there so many canals in Amsterdam but there are no few rivers, whereas the drownings in Manchester only relate to the canals, those is the Dutch city relate to both canals and rivers.

Does indeed have a problem

Looking back through narrowboatworld, I see that one article related to the deaths from drowning in the Rochdale Nine alone, so how does that compare with Amsterdam's 156 canals? I think he will find that Manchester does indeed have a problem.