It's Lock 20 not Lock 8, CaRT!

Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2019

LAST week I gave an example of a stoppage that did not appear on CaRT's stoppage database.

Lock 20 on the Stratford on Avon Canal. (A prime example) writes Jessica Williams.

CaRT reacted

On Sunday, Victor suggested that CaRT was hiding the facts regarding stoppages. (Victor: Hiding the facts). CaRT acted very quickly. On Monday, just before 10 o'clock they provided a stoppage notice for Lock 20 which contained an apology.

'The lock has been out of use for a while and because there is an easy identifiable alternative route nearby the stoppage wasn’t put on Waterscape by the local team. We apologies for this oversight'.

Living in the past

Waterscape? Well someone appears to be living in the past. Set up in 2003 to promote the canals to users other than boaters, the Waterscape website was taken down in 2012 when British Waterways became Canal & River Trust.

However, it appears that this blooper is surpassed by CaRT getting the lock number wrong!

The mention of ' alternative route' and ' out of use for a while' makes it clear that CaRT is referring to the lock 20. So why is the stoppage notice issued for Lock 8 which is 'in use' and has no 'alternative route'? It's not simply a case of numerical error as the map of the stoppage also shows lock 8 not lock 20!

Who will get the blame?

Perhaps, in due course, CaRT will apologise (or is that apologies) for this new oversight. Having blamed the local team already, I wonder who will be blamed this time?