Magnet 'fisherman' finds haul of weapons

Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2019

A MAGNET 'fisherman' trawling the Nene has netted a haul of weapons over a 10 miles stretch.

These included 20 guns and a cache of what proved to be live grenades, that led to police closing off a road, Alan Tilbury reports.

Over three months

The stretch of river Nigel Lamford 'fished' was from Northampton over a period of three months, dragging out an assortment of old weapons including a 1918 German Mauser hand gun.

He also discovered a haul of 1980 sawn-off shotguns and a Second World War Spigot mortar, a Mills hand grenade and fully loaded gun magazine.

Armed police response to his home

The live ammunition caused the police to close the nearby road, with other finds leading to other road closures and even on one occasion an armed police response to his home!

And on occasions a bomb disposal squad had been called to carry out controlled explosions to safely detonate what could have been deadly and unstable explosives.