In the hands of the 'experts'

Published: Tuesday, 22 January 2019

I REALLY must congratulate Kevin McNiff on his excellent article about the decision to allow broad beam boats on the North Oxford, writes Gerry Chapman.

It really shows how the Ombudsman is in the hands of the 'experts' as regards anything waterways, and by 'experts' I mean the Canal & River Trust, that to my mind, and I should imagine many others by its decisions, are now anything but.

Height of stupidity

To allow broad beams on such as the North Oxford, built solely to accommodate narrowboats is the height of stupidity, clearly showing the ombudsman to be persuaded by CaRT, which as we all know is now intent upon charging extra for broad beams so wanting as many as possible.

Kevin has done very well in pointing out the problems of such boats on such a narrow canal, the (now expected?) bad decisions of CART and the suggestion of boaters reversing when meeting a broad beam. I know that I shall certainly not as it will be the broad beam that is the problem, so that will be doing the reversing.