Consultation on fishing close season

Published: Wednesday, 16 January 2019

THE government is considering changing the dates of the coarse fishing season.

It is asking for your views on whether to keep, change or remove the current close season that currently closes on the 15th March and finishes on the 15th June on rivers and most canals, Alan Tilbury reports.

Risk to fish

Close seasons are for reducing the risk to fish while they’re spawning. Not being able to fish for coarse fish on rivers during the current close season can restrict angler choice. However, changing or removing it may pose a risk to fish stocks and the fisheries they support.

The government want to hear from all those interested in coarse fish and fisheries. Your responses will help us decide if we need to keep, change or remove the current close season, and the result could mean new bylaws.

Coarse fishing close season on English rivers: Consultation document