There can be a problem with the viaduct

Published: Thursday, 10 January 2019

THOUGH the Langollen Canal has been recommended as with few stoppages, there can be a problem.

And that of course is anyone who has a problem with heights, as was revealed in the local paper when a boat had to reverse off the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct with a lady in hysterics at the height the boat was from the ground.

1n pont downFurther exacerbated

This was further exacerbated by the total lack of anything on one side, allowing the 'drop' wide open, and even if inside the boat people with such a phobia are still fully aware of the height.

There is no way of getting across the valley on foot, such is the height of the structure, so it is advisable not to attempt a crossing by boat if there is someone aboard who so suffers.

Holiday curtailed

The report stated that such was the effect on the woman, it being in the form of a surprise, with her being kept occupied inside whilst travelling over the previous smaller aqueduct, that the boating holiday, it was reported, was curtailed.