Wrong time of year

Published: Friday, 30 November 2018

BEFORE these new ideas from CaRT are put to the public does anyone really think about them? Asks Martin Banks.

The latest conjured up is that research proves that being by a canal or river makes people happier, healthier and feeling less stressed, is a case in point.

Simply baffles

Notwithstanding it is complete rubbish, as of course we are not told who these so-called 'experts' are, but standing by a cold canal at the moment I would imagine would hardly make you happy or be healthy, and what stress has to do with it simply baffles me.

Tomorrow it will be December and we all know weather-wise what that means, so hardly the time to tell the public to visit the canals. Even giving it a little bit of thought would have made whoever is responsible for this ------- (edited) realise it is the wrong time of year.