Scooter robbers taking to the Regent's towpath

Published: Thursday, 29 November 2018

THE 'war' by the police in London against scooter robbers is driving them onto the Regent Canal towpath.

Most of you will have read that the police in London, overwhelmed by the sheer number of robberies by people on scooters, have taken drastic action by using their cars to knock the robbers off their scooters, but this is having the effect of driving them onto the Regent's Canal towpath where they cannot be followed.

Where they cannot be caught

The scooters are used by two people, one doing the driving and the other grabbing items off people as they pass them, with individual robbers boasting of how many they can rob in an hour, but the drastic police action was a complete shock to them, and if they see a police car they escape where they cannot be caught, and the many entrances to the Regents Canal being ideal.

Towpath users in the capital are being warned to be extra vigilant, especially if a scooter is heard.