Kennet & Avon Canal underused in Newbury

Published: Monday, 26 November 2018

 A SPOKESMAN for West Berkshire Council says that the Kennet & Avon Canal in Newbury is underused.

Chief executive Nick Carter, who made his comments at the recent Newbury Vision conference, after being asked why more use is not made of the waterway it being underused, Alan tilbury reports.

k newburyBridgeMake it more interesting and effective

Newbury Town Council leader Adrian Edwards, commented:

“The Kennet & Avon Canal goes all the way through West Berkshire. It comes through the town. Can I ask what plans, if any, there are with the canal trust to improve or enhance the canal throughout the district to make it much more interesting and effective?”

Nick  Carter admitted that Newbury doesn’t make as much of the canal as it could—there are many examples of towns on the Kennet & Avon that have done more.

Tendancy to flood

The council’s Policy and Transport Manager Bryan Lyttle, told that one of the biggest problems facing the canal is its tendency to flood, which puts restrictions on its commercial activity.