Is he real?

Published: Wednesday, 21 November 2018

I HAVE to ask, but is that man who dumped a wooden shed in a marina claiming it was a boat real? Asks T. Lang.

Then having the sheer cheek to complain of not being allowed 'due to some people's warped views of what a canal boat should look like', beggars belief.

Nothing like a canal boat

We all know what a canal boat looks like, and I cannot see anyone agreeing that an oversize shed that could not even get into the marina but had to be craned in is nothing like a canal boat under any stretch of the imagination.

With no engine it obviously cannot cruise and it is so tall it would be unable to get under the bridges anyway and no chance of getting either a licence or a passing a boat safety certificate test.

He had a berth in the marina and so obviously a normal boat, how on earth can he claim that the shed was what a canal boat should look like?