Thames swans starving

Published: Thursday, 15 November 2018

THE RSPCA is concerned that many swans are starving on the Thames.

This is of course owing to the miss-information put out that bread is harmful to them, though it has been shown that it is not, but has in fact become a staple diet over the years.

Lack of food

The RSPCA is most concerned as many swans on the Thames are showing distress through lack of food, their becoming so dependent on bread thrown to them by the public.

Swans on other rivers and the canals too, so used to being fed, are also in distress through people taking notice of the mis-information that is being given out.

Ducks suffering

Ducks too are suffering, particularly on the waterways, as boaters so fond of feeding 'duck bread' have taken notice of the ill-informed information from Canal & River Trust not to feed them as it is harmful, which it has been clearly shown it is not.

The trust should make amends and quote the RSPCA before too many starve to death during this coming winter.