EA up its licence fees

Published: Monday, 12 November 2018

THE Environment Agency has announced that it is to increase its boat licence registration fees in January.

It gives the usual reason that the increase is 'to help ensure a sustainable service for thousands of boat users as well as maintenance of waterway structures such as locks and customer services'.

guildford Increase by up to £100

We are told that the annual boat registration will increase by up to £100, depending on size, spread over two years.

However, specific increases will vary depending on the different rivers, with the Upper Medway seeing the largest increase of 10%, but the more popular Thames increased by 5.7%.

Gold Licence

The combined Canal & River Trust and Environmental Agency Gold Licence will increase by 7.7%, and will also lose half of its CaRT 'early payment' discount.

We are told that in addition to the registration increases the Agency is exploring new income streams to spread the cost among everybody who benefits from its waterways, though no details are given.