Is Defra or Islington being hoodwinked?

Published: Monday, 15 October 2018

THAT was an excellent response to the announcement [Victor—electric cooking and heating] and I have some further questions, writes Roger Fox.

Why is there constant reference to charging points not electric bollards or supply points. Could it be that Defra or Islington has been hoodwinked into thinking that they are funding electrically propelled boats?

End for continuous cruisers

Clearly none of the continuous cruisers will be capable of remaining and it leads to the thought that only a new generation of purpose built houseboats will occupy the moorings. One assumes that there will be an end to double and triple mooring.

Another thought concerns the BSS requirements which will have to make more specific references to the IET Regulations. The boats will require more extensive electrical protection for the multiple sub circuits.

Protection of the public

The physical protection of electrical pillars from the public on this busy towpath will be important.

And a final question. What about the sewage and rubbish facilities which on an eco mooring must include multiple recycling bins?