Magnet fishermen discovered upright in the water

Published: Friday, 12 October 2018

THE father and son magnet fishermen that drowned were discovered standing upright in the Calder & Hebble Navigation near Cooper's Bridge where they died.

The inquest into their deaths heard that the two men were magnet fishing in the waterway, that they usually do from the bank with a strong magnet on the end of a line, Alan Tilbury reports.

Standing upright close together

But divers found them submerged in the water standing upright close together in a deep part of the river navigation.

Martin Andrews, 43, and his son Jack, 19, died on the 16th June, and were discovered submerged in the water by police divers, Bradford Coroner's Court was told.

The conclusion by Coroner Martin Fleming was they died as a result of misadventure and warned about the 'inherent dangers' of the pastime.

Used Cannabis

Post-mortem examinations showed both men drowned, with toxicology tests also confirming that both had recently used cannabis, that the coroner stated may have had an impact on their balance, co-ordination and reaction times, though it could not be determined when they last used the drug."